The Last Kingdom Boardgame - Pre-order now open - Release August 2023

Are you ready to step into the dangerous and enthralling world of "The Last Kingdom"? Brace yourself, as a new tabletop adventure is on the horizon. Fans of the hit TV series and board game enthusiasts alike can rejoice as Gamelyn Games, in collaboration with renowned game designer John D Clair, brings you "The Last Kingdom Boardgame." Prepare to immerse yourself in the epic saga of Uhtred of Bebbanburg and experience the thrill of the Viking Age like never before. With an expected release in August 2023, this highly anticipated game is set to captivate players aged 14 and above in an intense battle for power and glory.

The Last Kingdom Box Overview


Release Date: August 2023


Gameplay and Mechanics

In The Last Kingdom Board Game, players assume the roles of influential leaders striving for control of Britain during a time of conflict. The game consists of two rounds in which players take actions to command armies and shape the war's outcome. Your loyalty to either the Saxons or the Danes can be steadfast or changeable, and your score will not only reflect your battle prowess but also your political maneuvering among Britain's competing forces.

Each of the ten leaders offers unique advantages for your strategy and provides special cards to start your hand.

At the beginning of each round, players complete their hands by selecting cards from a round-specific deck.

The war then commences in one of the game's five regions.

During their turns, players play cards to command Saxon or Dane armies, earning favor with different factions and strategically positioning their heroes and leaders to influence the war's course. Additionally, a rotating market of actions is available to all players.

Alternatively, players can choose to pass their turn and observe the moves made by their opponents.

Once all players have consecutively passed, the outcome of the ongoing war in the current region is determined by comparing the strengths of the battling Saxon and Dane armies. Players earn victory points based on their alignment with the winning faction and their level of favor. The focus of the war then shifts to the next region, and the battle continues.

After the fate of all five regions has been decided, the round concludes.

After two rounds of play, the winner is determined based on the player who has accumulated the highest number of victory points.

Artwork and Components

Prepare to be transported to the brutal and visually stunning world of "The Last Kingdom." The game features exquisite artwork that captures the essence of the TV series and brings its characters and settings to life. From intricately detailed miniatures to beautifully illustrated cards and tiles, every component is designed to immerse players in the rich atmosphere of the Viking Age.

Pre-orders and Launch

Excitement is building as the release of "The Last Kingdom Boardgame" draws near. Fans are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to secure their copy and embark on this epic journey.

Pre-orders for the game are now open!

Release is expected to be in August 2023.

Ensure you don't miss your chance to be among the first to delve into the world of "The Last Kingdom."

Excitement builds up

"The Last Kingdom Boardgame" promises to be an immersive and captivating tabletop experience that fans of the TV series and board game enthusiasts alike won't want to miss. Developed by Gamelyn Games and with game design by the esteemed John D Clair, this game brings the thrilling adventures of Uhtred and his companions to your gaming table. Mark your calendars for the anticipated release in August 2023 and prepare to unleash your inner warrior in a battle for power, glory, and the destiny of England.